10 Day Belly Slim down with Dr. Kellyann

$ 60.00

Dr. Kellyann shares her personal secret in how to lose belly fat FAST!

Quick Start Guide: This guide will let you hit the ground running and it’s loaded with tips for maximizing your 10-Day Belly Slim down results.

Recipe Booklet: This booklet serves up 20 additional quick and easy recipes you can enjoy during your diet and for years to come.

Audio CDs: Too busy to read Dr.Kellyann’s book? You can learn all about her plan by listening to these audio CD’s

DVD: In this fun instructional DVD, Dr Kellyann shows you how to cook up a super-easy bone broth & how to put a SLIM Plate meal together in just minutes.

Portable Drink & Formula Mixer

Book – 10 Day Belly Slim down

DVD - 10 Day Belly Slim down